Saturday, 23 April 2011

DIY Modification #2 - Rear spoiler Brackets

Due to loving my JDM ness, with the help of Mr Kriss Zivkovic, wer making some rear spoiler Brackets to get that spoiler UP UP UPPPP!

Spoiler removed - YUKKK

Example of raised spoiler.

Kris Doing the metal work for the brackets.

DIY Modification - JDM healdight housing.

So i love myself some JDM'nesnessss so decided to make my headlight JDM.

 Matt Black painted headlight housing.

Update of the Update

Doug is still abit smokey, after hours and hour of research and asking arounf for advise.

Final decision just to keep saving and when we do the engine rebuild, do the Valve stem seals and Rings all together. At this stage is not to much of a problem because i only drive the car in the weekends realy, so not a major issue.


Dougs a wee smokey. A mate had a look with me at the rocker cover, it seems that when they painted the rocker cover they didnt seal it properly.

Current modifications.

Doug is fairly standard at this stage which is good.
Modifications at this stage:
- Whal penis intake + cheap repco air filter.
- Lowered suspension (poo jamex springs)
- Wee stereo
- XForce Headers
- Nology Leads
- Cheap GP Thunder headlight bulbs.

That mark on the front right of the bumper, thats a custom modification from the previous owner. Custom bumper!

Bringing douglas back home.

Great drive from Auckland to Wellington, with a couple of stops. Took a wee wile to get use to the car, but what a great drive :) Loved every second of it!

On the way to Piha beach. 

Taupo for abit of Subway.

Bulls, for a wee coffee break.

Finally back home in welly.

Introducing Douglas .

Finally in Auckland, and got to the address where my life will chaaaaange. We quickly payed the car, got it in my name and signed a couple of papers. I am now the new owner of a 1997 Ek Civic. But not your usual Ek, a wee little Ek9 Type r, in white. Finaly i have my dream car :), Doug.